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Media Funds Management (MFM) is in the business of identification, structuring and financing of various motion picture and television related assets, and the on-going supervision of investment in these assets with an emphasis on controlling investment risk through active management.


In recent years MFM has provided Executive Producer services for more than 35 motion pictures and television series, with budgets ranging from US$3 million to US$50 million.


MFM provides forward financing for motion picture and television productions based in USA, Canada, Australian and New Zealand against the following elements:


  • USA State Tax Credits

  • Canadian Tax Credits

  • Australian Producer Offset

  • New Zealand Screen Production Incentive Fund Grant

  • United Kingdom Film Tax Credits

  • German Rebates and Tax Credits

  • Various State and Regional Grants throughout the world

  • Up to 100% funding against Distribution Agreements and Minimum Guarantee Agreements

  • Up to 100% funding against Pre-Sales Contracts

  • Provision of GAP on sales agents projections subject to various criteria.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in arranging Executive Producer services and/or debt financing for any of the above.

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